Life is BETTER When You Have More Experiences

My life has been pretty good. Well, I won’t ask for more, it’s enough to have such a great life. I know, everybody passes all the up and down in our life but there must be something interesting in your life. I have been taught so many things from this rough world. Every single event in your life is a lesson, there should be something you can learn from.

I have lived abroad for a whole year; far from home, far from my family, my lovely friends, and all the things I used to do. When I should leave it, it was kinda hard; you know when you’re already comfortable in some events in your life, you don’t want to get out from it. I’m pretty sure. But, I saw something different here. I saw an adventurous life there. I know there would be something’s hard, but that’s the main point!! When you have problem, you tend to solve it as soon as possible so you can live better and happier, also enjoy your life; and when you tend to solve it ASAP, you will do everything to make it better and it’s the time when you learn something.

I learnt something already when I was abroad (I was in France). When I had problems, I’d try everything. First I tried to solve it by change myself. Sometimes problems come from yourself, for example you don’t do something as people around you do, so you’re kinda bullied by everybody. From this kind of problem, you learn to see what you’ve done and what’s people don’t like from you, so your with a little bit of courage, petit à petit you change yourself to be a better person. So, I hope we don’t close our mind to change ourself to be a better person, right?

Second, when you don’t find something wrong with you, try to ask the person that you think knows you the most. For example your best friend. Ask them what’s wrong with you and tell them what’s your problem. I thought that everybody who likely close to you will help you with all your problems. No offense, when I was in France, I had problem which you know kinda sucks, I told my friends and they gave me their opinions about how I supposed to solve it; how I suppose to handle it. It kinda helped me much.  Sometimes when friends couldn’t help anymore, they can be your stress reliever, well you can spend like a night or a day of outing with them to just refresh your mind for a while but don’t run from the reality and try the third one.

Third, when you know someone older, ask for they opinion. We know that they have more experiences than us, the youngsters. Tell them what you have and they will help you much! When your problem is hard to solve, I’m pretty sure they will help you as much as they can do for you. The interaction between you and the older, makes you learn something from them when they help you. You can learn how they handle the situations, how they talk to someone whom you have problem with and it’s another life lesson.

Last but not least, tell your parents what you have. I know we don’t want to make our parents sad, but they know you better so they can also help you guys, with your problem. So why don’t we tell our parents about our problem? 😉

Another thing that I learned here is love. Everybody must love another person right? 😉  Not because I’ve lived for a year in a country of love so I learned to love, a big NO! Well, love is something basic. Sometimes we are tired of what we do, kinda basic too, but there’s something that I thought everybody knows it already. People say, if you love what you do, you won’t hesitate to do it for more and more; another say love what you do, because when you do it with love, you will enjoy it. Yes they are both true. When you love something you do, you will have a big desire to do more and more. Love doesn’t only work for our job, but for our social life too.

I tell you, every country has its own characters and that’s the truth. Sometimes, people just tell you the bad side of  a race and the other tells you the bad side of another race; it’s kinda sucks you know! When I was about to leave Indonesia, people said that French don’t speak English, they’re selfish (so sorry about this, but I don’t find any kind of selfishness), bla bla bla… . Forget it! I tell you to forget it. When you arrive in a new condition or circumstance, you’ll find our soon that there’s something interesting with the differences. The differences make people rich. You can share each other’s cultures and customs. So that with the sharing, people can respect what you have and you will soon adapt to their culture.

The things that is important too is try to love your new place; try to find out the place near your lodging that you enjoy the most (ex : a city garden, a cafe, etc). When you find your favourite place and you find something interesting with your new place, that’s the sign that you enjoy it.

At last, when you are already comfortable with the new place or new things, you will settle down and you will find more interesting things to do and interesting places to go. I learned all this things and I’m so happy to be a different person right now. It’s a lot easier to make friends and you’ll be more confident when you’ve already tried to live far from home and parents for a while. You’ll know how hard life is and I’m not lying you will enjoy meeting new people around you and you’re not afraid anymore.

My suggestion for the youngsters, try to live without your parents for a while and find the things you won’t learn if you live with your parents all the time, plus you’ll meet so many incredible person in this world. Make new friends and find more friends for you partners in the future life. I hope this write is something you guys can use 😉


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