Love is a precious thing you have in you life. It hurts you. It loves you as well. It makes you smile. It makes you happy.

Sometimes, I just need my self to be alone. I don’t mention to be alone forever, but to think about what happened and what I’ve chosen in my life. I’m happy though about all choices I’ve ever made. Some make my life’s getting harder, some make my life’s getting brighter, and some make my life’s going up and down; and it’s love. Love is something people could have since they’re really young, but when we’re getting maturer, we kinda have a love feeling to an opposite sex person and it’s complicated, if I could mention.

Love is something I could imagine that every people will be happy, laughing, and love is all about smile and share. But I learned something. Sometimes, when we fall in love with the opposite sex person, it won’t be as easy as we think. Love isn’t just about sharing something or even sex, but sometimes Love needs a sacrifice. Nothing I can do, but I did it in these 2 years. I felt like I sacrifice all the chances to find another better person, but in love with this guy makes me feel right. If you wanna know, I sacrificed all the things in my life, not money or something really expensive, BUT I spent my feeling, I spent so many tears for this hard feeling. People say to me that I deserve someone’s better than him, but LOVE, as you know, isn’t that easy to be erased.

Love, love, love, love. Love needs sacrifice. They don’t feel it maybe, but I know love is more than just a good feeling of being in love. Love is more than a feeling when you feel blessed to have someone to love. Love is more than just a feeling when you’re happy, but love, does need sacrifice. Love might hurts, but love gives more than hurt. Love gives a great feeling of being proud, satisfied and happy.

So, which one you choose? Don’t wanna get hurt or love? 😉


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