Hook Up? Date? Yeah, It’s hook up!

I just realised today that I might be maturer than my age. Maybe I’m only 19 years old but I think about my future; about what kind of job I want, what kind of life I want, and for sure what will I do when I marry someone. Looks like I’m a thinker right? But it is why sometimes I can be so melancholic and also I become de plus en plus maturer, more than my friends. I already thought that life would be so wonderful when I can do this, do that, and all of that things. Well, I’m a dreamer we can say. After so long I found out and realised something that I haven’t knew before. It is the difference between hook up and date.

My experience is the reason why I’m thinking about it. I experienced a one sided love and I know everyone would experienced that kind of thing. We can say it’s exceptional, this one. First, I really want to be his date, but after all it is just different. He is DIFFERENT. He still thinks about having party and sex all the time, but it’s not my kind of life. Suddenly, this morning I read about the difference between hook up and date.


He was so sweet to me, but then when I read some of the article, I know that what he wants is hooking up with me, being “friend” or something like that. These months, when he’s away, I have less expectation and respect. When we talk, it’s not just the same and I think less about him also when I missed him, that wasn’t as awful as before.

Well, I think I’m success to not depend to him. What I know is, Hook up is more to have sex and all about beautiful women and beautiful body, but Date is more better than hook up. Date requires 2 people who have a same feeling to each other and also each person who has date never thinks about body, face. What people wants is their intelligent so that they can grow together as a better person.


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