Reflections of 2015

I have just finished the 3rd semester. Well, as an information I took biotechnology major, a not easy subject to learn yet so interesting to do. The 3rd semester wasn’t easy at all and also 2015 wasn’t a perfect year, but yet there were so many things I’ve learned through the year. This is my first post in 2016 and this is my first time I write about myself.

In almost a year, I learned 4 big things that really change my mind. I learned about friendship, belief, passion, and leadership. When you heard things about friendship, you hope it would be something nice but this time it wasn’t. I was pretty shattered when the person you believed betrayed you and left you broken. You hope that friend will sparks your life for the whole time, but … yeah, life isn’t always good but this time I know that people might change their mind and starting hate you and told something about you to the new person they would like to talk. Haters be haters and just keep being yourself as humble as you can. Although, this friend really reminded me to the old time when I was a bully object and then I have problem with believing people (I’ll write another post about this bully thing). Betrayal could come whenever it wanna be happened. This time my friend have done something that made me know how betrayal works. Thanks dear, right now I know who you are and who are you.

The next thing is about belief. I had a pretty rough time through the second semester. I input the subjects I would like to take in the beginning of the semester and it went bad. My input wasn’t good so that my name didn’t appear on the list of a subject for the whole half semester and you couldn’t take the midterm test of that subject. Well, I asked the administration people to help me with this and I almost lost my hope. For the whole week before the midterm exams, I kept worried and I couldn’t even sleep. (In this case my friend called Shintya experienced the same thing). One time, I did believe a miracle would come and It was; after a long process, my name could be added into the list and I could take the test. Praise the Lord for His Grace! (The story about this problem could be read here : Story 1 and Story 2).

The third one is about passion. In the middle of 2015, the 3rd semester started. Subject were getting harder and I did getting busier. With all the things that happened in the 3rd semester made me realised that I am just tired of my routines. When you do something and it’s your passion, you’ll be happy whatever it takes, but I don’t think it’s completely true. When passion becomes a routine, it would be too much and makes you tired. Try to imagine how you do something nearly the same all the time, you need more than a holiday to relieve it (I think). Passion is something you like and you are lost without it, but then again when your passion becomes a routine, that’s not passion anymore. In a time, your brain and body will be tired.

The last one is the leadership. The 3rd semester again, I came into an election (which not became an election because there was only one candidate) as the Governor and Vice Governor of Student Association at the faculty level. You guys might think that Student Association at the faculty level isn’t that big and hard, but then again I might swipe away what people think about, because I am the one who do it. Back again at the problem; the election wasn’t done because there was only one pair of candidate (I was the vice governor candidate), although the election wasn’t done, I should be prepared for the oration about my vision and mission for the student association. I was chosen as the vice governor with my friend as the governor of the Student Association, yay!! After the election, the works came into the hardest part, opened recruitment for the member of Student Association, attending meetings which cost your time, attending a congress of the Student Association, and the hardest part is being a leader. Even though I am only 2 months old vice governor, between those time I felt that leadership means that you should lead people alongside with growing up. Being a leader isn’t as easy as commanding people to do something. Yes, you commanding people but the way you commanding people isn’t as the same when you being a bossy leader. A leader gives advices to other people how to do something. A leader means you grow up together and help people to grow. The main thing is a leader should be the example for the others and help people to develop their self.

They are pretty much things I have learned through the whole year of 2015. I am waiting for another experience come into myself. Happy new year! 🎉🎉



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