I am a former exchange student who supported by Rotary International and I used to live in France for a year. I learned French as I lived there. Nothing is better then living in dream. Back home in Indonesia, I am currently studying Biotechnology. I have passion at short-story writing, reading, science, music, and also travelling.

After exchange, my life has been 180 degrees flipped. My eyes widely open and right now I realised so many things that I didn’t know before. Exchange hasn’t been too perfect. Exchange taught me how to live my life without parents and siblings near me. Exchange also taught me how to fight for my life and for any good sake. Exchange already made me as a stronger person. The worst and the best part of exchange is meeting someone new and make friends. Exchange made me as an open minded person and I am proud of being a former exchange student.

This blog is represented how life is changing and also I dedicated this blog to Les Filles Formidables, exchange friends, host parents, host siblings back to France, and also to all Rotarians!!

Happy reading and love from Indonesia ❤



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